Packaging war (spring boot + angular )

hello community

I am asking you for a problem okta
when I package the fornt (angular) application with the spring boot backend ,
I redirected myself to the okta login page , but when I connect correctly in okta
Ihave error 404
here is my configuration.

is there anyone who can help me



It looks like you don’t have a controller mapped to /liris/authSuccess.

Hi matt , /liris is the context of project spring boot
/authSuccess is mapped in front with OktaCallbackComponent ( implicit flow )

i dont have controller authSuccess

knowing that when I deploy fornt in localhost:4200 and backend localhost:8080/liris don’t have any probleme everything works well

If you combine your apps and want them running on the same port, you’ll need to configure Spring Boot to serve up your SPA and make sure most URLs point to index.html. This Stack Overflow question shows you how to do this.

If you haven’t combined your Spring Boot and Angular app, this blog post shows you how to do it.

thank you for your response , yes i have configured Spring Boot to serve up SPA . it’s going well :grinning: