Password Reset URL be used on a different Browser than the one from which it was initiated


We are using our own custom UI from where we use the Okta idx APIs for recovering the password.
If the idx.recoverPassword is invoked from one browser, say Google Chrome.
It was observed that the Password Reset URL received in email doesn’t seem to work, if it’s launched on a different Browser, eg: Edge.
Is there any configuration that will allow us to use different Browser for this?
@ram.gandhi @poul-okta


Please review this article which talks about email magic link flows when different browsers are used.

If your code can’t retrieve the context using the state, assume that this is because the user is in a different browser. Advise the user to return to the original tab and enter the OTP value there.

I just wanted to check if there is any settings or configuration that can be made which allows the user to launch the Password Rest URL (containing state and OTP) from a different browser.