Passwordless use case for IVR

Hi all, long time fan first time poster. I’m wondering if I can accomplish the following use case with okta and any hints on how to accomplish this.

  1. Customer calls their bank at 888-555-1212 to get their checking account balance
  2. IVR: Welcome to ENACOMM Bank. How can I help you?
  3. Customer: I want my checking account balance
  4. IVR: ok in order to get your checking account balance I need to verify you. Please follow the link I just sent to the mobile phone number you have on file with us. <IVR sends SMS to 908-555-1212> <IVR calls okta API and waits for user with 908-555-1212 to authenticate>
  5. Customer: <gets SMS with>
  6. Customer:
  7. IVR:
  8. IVR: Thank you for verifying Armin. You’re checking account balance is $250.
  9. Customer: Peace out!