Personal Access Key


Is there any feature in Okta to give my end-users a personal access token/API key to work with in some cases instead of their username/password? like a private personal token with no expiry time.

Not exactly, but you could use U2F and password sequencing to give this effect. Set up a U2F token (Yubikey, Windows Hello) and let them login with it first.

But this is just for end-user authentication.

No, I don’t need that for authentications.
Actually I need that personal token to be used exactly as a personal api key.
I have an application that its users are developers! who can use some of the features by calling its APIs and I need to generate and assign a unique key for each user.
In an ideal situation, I need a unique token to be generated with unlimited lifetime and dedicated to a user.

I think this is the API Access Management Gateway SKU/functionality you need. @dragos?