PKCE verification failed

I am trying to get the access token using the authorization code using this documentation Exchange the code for tokens | Okta Developer. This code I am getting from the web browser and I am coping the code and pasting into the postman.

URL: http://localhost:4201/?code=LnxN7VleHCAM1Yxyd_pilFZAw4u7eF3u6tBPL9QXf4E&state=vKvIPo32M8kF7ayiEprBhRiCXwkwnlZKPICDrnuRPouXFaL6k8zhwXpvkJfogafg

Postman setup:

redirect_uri: http://localhost:4201/
client_id: the client id that is created in postman.

I am passing the code in less that 60 seconds and I using ones the code, I checked it in the Okta logs terminal.

What could be I losing to get the error message?

There may be something wrong with the code challenge and verifier that you are generating. If you are making the API requests yourself, can you try using the example code challenge and verifier from the guide in a login flow to see if the issue is with your PKCE authentication?

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Iā€™d also double check everything for typos, trailing spaces, etc. But agree with @andreaskouras the error seems to point at the code challenge/verifier.