Planning to integrate okta saml2.0 authentication, looking for the best approach for Single page application with tornado python and UI app

How to redirect to the actual okta login page when the URL loaded?

I’m a little unsure what your use case is about. Which URL are you referring to, and where do you want to redirect users to instead?

We are developing SPA with React and Python backend services … whenever a user tries to open the page, it should redirect to Okta login to check session / Create a session and redirect back to UI. What is the best approach to integrate to okta and which layer?

We don’t really have many guides to integrate with SAML (our own libraries are for OIDC apps instead, like our React SDK), but maybe check out PySAML2, its the one we recommend (not maintain) for Python. We have a guide for Python2 for it, SAML-enable your Python application | Okta Developer, but it hasn’t been updated to work with Python 3 because we mostly recommend building OIDC integrations