Private ip / dns with react web application

Does openid work with private ip / dns with react web application. When the app is internally hosted authorize api call is not made by the okta reack sdk.

Are you sure it’s /authorize call failing? What does the network tab show in your browser?

I haven’t heard about any issues with apps in a private network, if their DNS works properly and resolve okta names

/authorize calls doesn’t happen at all. The prior call /authn is 200 ok. In network tab there is no calls made to /authorize. There is no errors messages in console tab as well. Basically app is stuck on click of login screen (login screen is default okta login screen).

Note: The same config works when running the application in localhost. After login we land up in application home page.

have pointed the same app to a internal hosted dns (private) and public dns. In case of public dns /authorize calls are made and login is successful. In case of private dns no calls are made to /authorize api. Probably okta authorization server is trying to do a reverse dns lookup. This is my guess.

If this is the case, does it mean okta openid connect will work only with public dns ?