Problems using Okta API with postman

I am attempting to use the Postman API collection to try the Okta API using my TRIAL sandbox account. Following the instructions here:

I am able to successfully query data, using various GETs (list users, list groups, get user, get group, etc)

However, I am not able to use the APIs to create/delete/update. A few examples:

  • Remove Group will return a 200 OK and respond with the group data in the body, but the group hasn’t been deleted.
  • Create User (have tried every permutation included in the postman API) will return a 200 OK and list of all users, and no new user is actually created
  • Add group will return 200 OK and a list of groups

Is there a step I’m missing somewhere to give my API key permissions to create/update/delete? In the Admin GUI my key is listed as “Super Admin”, the responses I am getting are also rather confusing. Appreciate any guidance, thank you

It is possible you have a readonly api key (if your user only has the Read Only Administrator role). What are you seeing as the response body when you attempt one of those actions?

I’d also suggest disabling following redirects: Settings -> Automatically follow redirects

Thank you for the reply!

My user is a “super admin”, just double checked. I tried disabling the re-direct in postman, but then I was getting an error.

Perhaps there is some other issue with postman on my end, I am running it on Windows for what it’s worth. Good news, I just tried using curl from a Linux instance, following the examples provided in the Okta docs and everything I’ve tried so far seems to be working as advertised! I just needed to prove out some potential integrations, so curl will be fine for me, will stick with that.

Thank you again!