Product features - attributes mapping


I’d like to kindly ask what would be the market standard approach for the following scenario:

In our product for each user you can set tens of permissions and other toggles (allowing access to additional features). Now we want to provide a SCIM support thus people managers would be able to manage it all in OKTA or any associated (HR) system and not in our web administration.

And I am wondering how they can set those permissions and toggles.

  1. Via mapping values to the custom attributes we would prepare in the integration? If so, then is it more often that each attribute has its own custom attribute on the integration side or there would be only one custom attribute of type array? The first option generates the same number of custom attributes which can be a little bit confusing.

  2. Should we use Groups instead? And then we would do mapping definition on our Product side? Ie. for each group managers would set the attributes and any member of it will inherit it?

I hope I described it well. If no, please tell me so I can make it more clear.

Thank you and kind regards,
Jakub from Sharry