Prvent User Acces to Okta Dashbaord(app/UserHome)


We’re looking to implement Okta for user authentication into our suite of custom web applications. I’ve got a POC up and running and everything is working out well. When I user hits one of our application URL’s they are redirected to Okta for login, then redirected back to our site. This is functioning flawlessly.

What I am now attempting to solve is when a user logs in directly to Okta, they get the blank " You don’t have any apps." page… Is it possible to prevent them from signing in directly to Okta via our custom domain, or perhaps force a redirect to on of my applications?

You likely want to look into setting a “Default app for Sign In Widget,” as described in this guide. This will prevent end-users from landing on their user dashboard. If you don’t already see this option under Settings → Customization, you will need to enable the feature in the admin console by going to Settings → Features → Global Default Redirect Setting.

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Thank you for the info! I do not see that option available under Settings → Features. The article you provided indicated Support has to enable that feature. I’ve opened a case with them. Thanks again!

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