Publishing issue: Customize the sign-in page

We are working on a project with OKTA Customized Login. The custom domain ( has been configured successfully and custom HTML has been added to the signing page. Everything appears to be working correctly in the preview. In the preview URL, we can see the custom signing page.

However, after publishing, the modifications do not appear on the staging domain. Instead, when accessing the staging URL, only the custom login design is visible, with no indication of the defautl design being displayed on the staging server.

Please review the attached screenshots of the previewed new design and the design that is not reflected.

Preview URL: LOG IN

Staging URL:

Note: We use a free plan.

Your help is much appreciated

Thank you.

Screenshot from 2024-03-13 17-52-01 (1)

When I follow your Staging URL, I am redirected back to Okta via an /authorize request… to the domain.

Looks to me like your application is NOT set to use your custom domain and is still configured to use the Okta default domain. Most likely you need to update the config for your application to ensure that the issuer/Okta URL is updated to be your custom domain instead.

Thank you for your solution

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