Quasar SSR/PWA with @okta/okta-vue

Hello everybody,

I am building a PWA (with SSR) with Quasar and I am using an okta/okta-vue for the login. I have followed every step from the guide: https://developer.okta.com/docs/guides/sign-into-spa/vue/define-callback/

This part in my router.js Auth.handleCallback() will not work, because I am using SSR. But with <q-no-ssr> and import the ImplicitCallback from the root node_module will it works.

Is there another way to get this working, without using the <q-no-ssr>? This is my code:

  <q-page padding>
    <!-- content -->

const auth = () => import('../../node_modules/@okta/okta-vue/src/components/ImplicitCallback')

export default {
  // name: 'PageName',
  components: {