Random "RequestError: Request timed out" erros

Hi All,

Just looking for a little help here, hope someone can advise. We are using Okta and DUO for MFA with the oidc-middleware in a small Express app to authenticate users. We have recently just noticed that some of the authentication requests are failing after the user gets past the DUO prompt. It looks like something is timing out but its hard to see exactly what, it seems that its pointing to the got package which is used by the middleware. We have tried to increase the “timout: 20000” but this didn’t seem to help.

I have pasted the error below, let me know if you need more info:

RequestError: Request timed out
at timeoutFn (/home/node/app/node_modules/got/index.js:333:53)
at asPromise (/home/node/app/node_modules/got/index.js:411:18)
at got (/home/node/app/node_modules/got/index.js:651:10)
at Function.got. [as get] (/home/node/app/node_modules/got/index.js:669:31)
at Object.get (/home/node/app/node_modules/openid-client/lib/helpers/http.js:15:14)
at Client.userinfo (/home/node/app/node_modules/openid-client/lib/client.js:726:33)
at /home/node/app/node_modules/openid-client/lib/passport_strategy.js:156:42
at runMicrotasks ()
at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)