React Registration / Signup example?

Hi, I’m working on adding signup and the React examples only show code for Login.

I’ve found one example on how to build this:

Do you have a more up-to-date guide on adding this? or can the sign-in-widget do it too?

I used this guide:

Thanks, used the react guide to add sign-in but looks like all the examples don’t include registration examples.

Will try to do that with the scotch tutorial

Front-channel (browser -> Okta) Registration is a feature that is currently in a limited Beta. When we release this for early access, we will retrofit the guides to add documentation for registration.

Right now, customers are building their own registration using the Users API, which is considered back-channel (your server->Okta) which is what the post is doing.

Hope this helps!


I’ll build it with the scotch example and once the official one is ready I’ll switch it out.

Thanks Tom,