Ready event is not firing for Sign In Widget

I create a new okta sign in using the standard

oktaSignIn = new OktaSignIn({ config });

I add

oktaSignIn.on(‘ready’, someFunc);

The okta sign in widget appears, but my someFunc is never called.

This is pretty basic, so don’t really see any scope to go wrong here, and the on and ready event are part of the API, so I can’t see what the next step may be to fix this.

Any thoughts?

Hi @mickey_puri,

The ready event will be available with the 2.15.0 release of the Widget. We’re hoping to release a new version with this change (and others) soon.

Once published, it’ll be documented under the Releases page!

Hi @jmelberg thanks, so its not “ready” just yet
did i miss something because the documentation here seemed to indicate this was something available to be used. If it is not actually ready, then if you dont mind my saying, it would have been helpful to indicate this in the documentation.

Roughly by when do you expect to release 2.15.0, i mean is soon like days, or weeks or months, would be good to know, thank you.