Refresh token Coming null

Hi ,
I am using spring with dynamic client registration with okta. When user tries to access the resources, app is redirecting to okta login. After a successful login with authorization_flow with a grant type authorize_code. I am getting access toke with all the details. But when i try to retrieve refresh_token from authorization from context, I am getting null pointer exception. Any suggesstions / help is appreciated


Does the application support offline_access flow? If not, refresh token won’t be sent

Could you please help me understand application supporting offline_access. I have tried to send offline_access as a scope. Is this something i set in okta app server ?. Appreciate the help

Thank you

You need to both add offline_access as a scope requested by your application AND ensure that the “Refresh Token” grant is enabled for the application you are using. See details about getting and using refresh tokens here: Refresh access tokens | Okta Developer

However, the null pointer error you are getting sounds unrelated to a possible missing configuration in Okta.