Regarding handling MFA in python scripts


My organization uses okta to handle MFA. I want to write a script to interact with Jira and get details on bugs through python script… Can someone share an example script that walks through how to handle username/password authentication followed by MFA in python with Okta?


Going through Okta to authenticate into Jira is mostly intended to be completed within a browser, so if this is possible, it might be a little complicated. Are you not able to simply get an API/bearar token from Jira directly to authorize this request?

As an aside, if you’re licensed for it you could use Okta Workflows to authorize the connection and make requests into Jira.

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your reply. I tried with the token also but with token am getting a SSL certificate error and tried most of the solutions recommended to fix this issue on web like stackoverflow, youtube etc and it doesn’t work… So kind of not able to make progress… If there is a sample script that can be shared it will be really helpful…