Remember me with okta auth sdk


I would like to implement a ‘Remember me’ check box within a SPA.

Is it possible to implement it using Okta auth sdk?


@Hakim Hi, You can take a look of the remember me feature in Okta signin widget.

The Okta Auth SDK is used by Okta’s Sign-in Widget which powers the default Okta sign-in page. If you’re building SPA, the Auth SDK gives you added control and customization beyond what is possible with the Widget.

Let me know if this sth you are looking for.

Thanks @Lijia for your reply.

We are not using the signin widget (we don’t want to use it). Right now we implemented most of the okta features (authentication, MFA, social login etc…) manually.

Is there a way to add ‘remember me’ option with Okta (without using the widget) ?


@Hakim Hi, if you have MFA implemented. You can refer the below answer.