Remove Unlock Account option from signin widget

I’m using 7.10.0 version of signin widget in our react application. I’m trying to remove unlock account? option by adding-
features.selfServiceUnlock: false
in widget code, but it is not working. The other features like rememberMe, showPasswordToggleOnSignInPage are working but unlock is not working. Is there anyway to remove this option from the signin widget?

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This property would only apply if the widget is not using the interaction code flow, this would be the default setting unless the UseClassicEngine property is set to true.

For the interaction code flow, the server side response would include the unlock-account feature if it is enabled on the policy. This option on the widget is driven based off of that server side response instead of the features.selfServiceUnlock property.

If the widget configuration includes the UseClassicEngine property and it is set to true, it will use the classic engine widget with primary authentication (authn) to authenticate instead. With that version of the widget, the Unlock Account option would be removed from the widget if the features.selfServiceUnlock property set to false.

I’m seeing that this isn’t currently called out in the documentation for that property. I’ll inform the team to update the documentation regarding using the property specifically if the widget is using the classic engine version.