Replace own SSL/TLS cert with Okta Managed

Hello, we have been using our own TLS cert for but want to use the Okta managed certificate:

Per instructions here Customize domain and email address | Okta Developer I am supposed to post on this forum so that it is a seamless transition:

Note: If your custom domain uses your own TLS certificate and you want to migrate to an Okta-managed certificate, contact your Okta account team or post on our forum (opens new window)to request a seamless migration with no downtime.

Cert expires 2/15 (in 5 days) so appreciate the support.


Please open a support case instead, we need one open and associated with your account in order to complete this process. I’ll also look to get this doc updated to say as much.

Thanks Andrea, I already did that and they said they couldn’t help. So I figured I’d try the other method mentioned in the docs which was this forum. I ran out of time so just uploaded a custom cert for another year, not ideal but without support it was the only solution.

Sorry to hear about that, I’ll take a look into this miscommunication. Glad you were still able to update your org to use Okta managed certs!

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