Reset-password with recovery token - token is invalid

  1. From Postman - when we hit url “/lifecycle/reset_password?sendEmail=false” we will be getting the recovery token along with the resetPasswordUrl
    “resetPasswordUrl”: “comenitysandbox - Sign In
  2. Following Okta email (magic link/OTP) integration guide | Okta Developer document.
  3. As doc says “Parse the recovery token from the URL and send it using your infrastructure” sending this recovery token to local host api “/reset-password” where recovery_token token is required as a query param.
  4. Getting exception when internal it’s hitting “ - POST” saying “Error Detail: [invalid_request:The recovery token is invalid]” -

URL after adding params: profile offline_access&code_challenge=Qrf1GruyV6KKKgzNTwuJ34O4tSyvE5RdaOq72MKYKXQ&code_challenge_method=S256&redirect_uri=http://localhost:8080/authorization-code/callback&state=f8ab8b0d-41bd-4a9f-9f5f-d5618f6ed99a&recovery_token=drpHe43Tbx49Cd-9OGmN

why it’s saying token is invalid, What I’m missing here?