RevokeAccessToken() function is not revoking the token

Hello Team, Could you please suggest if the .revokeAccessToken() will work only if the Okta App has been created as an SPA App. I have a React Front end Application and configured the App with Native type in Okta. Could this be the reason for the revoke function not functioning properly ?
On invoking RevokeAccessToken() within our logout function, we do not see any request in the browser and the tokens are not cleared from the storage, seems to be active too.

This call should work the same for a native app as a SPA app. I assume you don’t see a network call to /revoke endpoint in your browser debug tools? Do you see any error messages in the browser console? Note that the default behavior is to look for a token with the key of ‘accessToken’, if you handled adding the tokens to the TokenManager in your own code with a different name, or used a different storage location you may run into this. The details of the call can be found here.

What version of okta-auth-js are you using?