SailPoint IdentityNow Integration

Hi ,

The provisioning to okta is throwing an error when we try to provision existing users to groups.

We are using SailPoint OOTB connector to Okta. When we provision a new account to okta it creates the account and adds the group to okta. But when we try to add an existing user to a new okta group it is throwing the following error:

["[ ObjectNotFoundException ] \n [ Error details ] The requested object is not found on Okta system. HTTP Error code : 404, Okta Error code : E0000007, errorSummary : Not found: Resource not found: (User), errorCauses:."]

Is the error be happening for the /api/v1/groups/${groupId}/users/${userId} endpoint? If you’re not sure, you might want to check with Okta support to see if they can confirm what the exact endpoint is and what the underlying error is.