Same Multiple userid's for one user account - login fail Issues

Hi All,

We are using AD as directory and we imported users into Okta from 2 domains, for some users we have same samAccountName in two domains in AD(Ex: samAccountName “rtony” in one domain and same rtony is existed in another domain for same user), when we imported those users into Okta, it showing same samAccountName(2-same user id’s) for users, when they are trying to login into Okta we are seeing login fail issues and interesting point is for some users who have same multiple id’s, they can able to sign in without any issues.

Any suggestions would be grateful.

did you ever resolve this? I’m facing the same issue and have an open case and it’s going nowhere right now…

Not exactly, we are training users to use their Okta login names (samAccountName is duplicate, but not Okta log in names), still we are looking for permanent solution to fix the issue

right on, thanks. I’ll be sure to update if I find any workaround.