SAML App - ACS URL and Audience URI expression language

Hey everyone,

I’m working on an OIN submission for our app which supports SAML. Our ACS URL and Entity ID vary per tenant. The problem is they don’t follow a very straightforward pattern. To elaborate:
The issue here is that one of the tenants is simply using a domain name, while the other one uses a subdomain. To be more precise, our EU tenant is, while the US tenant is
My first thought was - OK I’ll expose a variable called tenant (or dataCenter to be precise) and ask customers to it in when configuring the app. But the problem comes when I try building the ACS URL using this variable. I cannot just say https://auth.${dataCenter}… because if datacenter is blank (which is valid for all of our EU accounts) this will result in something like https://auth……

Do you happen to have any ideas how I can workaround this or test/play with it to see what options Okta supports? Could not find any docs on this unfoirtunatley.
I know Okta supports an expression language, and if that’s possible here it should be quite easy to say something like httsp://auth.${dataCenter.}… or using some String operations.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi, That should be possible. Can you please submit a comment with your submission describing the various URL formats you need to support and all the possible regions? Our team should be able to configure your app to support that.