SAML for ASP.NET Core configuration of OKTA

I am trying to configure SAML OKTA
using this link

Need to know that in this example service provider what include and
from where I can get the certificate of SAML

And also from where we can log in to Okta SAML,
I have implemented the same I am getting the issue of

SamlConfigurationException: An X.509 signature certificate for the local service provider hasn't been configured.

So if you have any suggestion can you support for the same

Thanks in advance

I am going to venture a guess here as i am new to this as well. I have been using Spring version of SAML 2 authentication.

Looks like the SP wants to sign the authn request as shown in page 10 (bottom image) of your doc:

“SignAuthnRequest”: true,

To do this you will have to provide it with a signature key. In my case the SP setup requires to point to a keystore where this key exists and also the alias of the key to be used.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

HI the SP name is only string and done successfully ,
but i need to used as a external authentication of oKTA , but in SAML they response me back with email id only , but i need more detail so i can used as authtentication

is any body have idea for the same

Hi @ilyas.patel

You can use the guide available here to set up the SAML application and also get the required IdP details that you can add in your service provider application.

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I am using SAML. You can use user/group attribute statements to your assertion and return any type of value you want. This article helped me:

Look at the para where they talk about Attribute Statements (Optional)