SAML or WS-Fed Integration with MVC .NET Core application


Trying to integrate a new MVC .NET Core 2.2 application with OKTA SSO using SAML or WS-Fed (SAML preferred)

While the redirection to OKTA, sign-in and then redirect back to the application happens correctly, the User.Identity is always returned empty (null).

For SAML integration I used Sustainsys library . For WS-Fed, the .NET core build-in library.

The only way I managed to integrate is by using OpenId connect. But our requirement is SAML(preferred) or Ws-Fed

If anyone has previous experience and managed to integrate an MVC .NET Core application with OKTA using SAML or Ws-Fed, please help, it would be greatly appreciated.


Haven’t tried Sustainsys, but with ITfoxtec.Identity.Saml2 was able to build SAML SSO


I actually managed to set it up 2 hours after my post. It was just a matter of setting the proper values in the SAML profile. I will post later my solution for anyone having the same issue.


If you still have a sample for this @stevesporea , it would be most appreciated.

I’ve started looking into something similar and came across the Sustainsys and ITfoxtec middleware which then led me here.

It’s always hard to find good examples of how to implement these libraries.

@stevesporea I am trying to replace WS-Fed(SAML1) with SAML 2 in one of my projects. Can you shed some light on how you achieved it. Thanks in advance