Sample of an android app using rest api protected by okta web app

Hello, I’ve got a spring boot server with a rest API protected by an okta web application. I have already made it work with an angular client but now I would like to access the API from an android app.
Should I use the okta-oidc-android/app at master · okta/okta-oidc-android · GitHub (okta sample app für okta oidc android) as a starting point? or is maybe a more suitable example available? Any suggestions? I have noticed that the okta code for an android app is somewhat more complicated than in other scenarios.

The settings of the okta app:
x Authorization Code

Refresh Token

x Implicit (Hybrid)

x Allow ID Token with implicit grant type

x Allow Access Token with implicit grant type

Thank you in advance

@advii Hi, the one you attached looks like an sample.
Can you please take a look at this sdk GitHub - okta/okta-oidc-android: OIDC SDK for Android?
Also, try to test API endpoints in postman before you call it in the SDK.