SCIM 2.0 CRUD Tests: Application updating givenName by POST instead of PUT

We’re in the middle of testing a SCIM 2.0 implementation via Runscope.

In the CRUD tests, it appears the application is changing the givenName property via POST as opposed to PUT. Is this correct? We were under the assumption this would be a PUT request.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi there! Is this for a create user operation? If so, POST is the correct HTTP method. See more info here:

No, this is for the update givenName assertion in the CRUD tests. I was wrong about it being a POST request but our implementation consistently fails this assertion–though I can see in the logging that the name is changed and very next GET request reflects the change. I also see the change when I issue the GET myself.

That’s probably a separate topic, however. But it is weird, since we do see the change reflected, but the assertion fails.