SCIM 2.0 PUT/PATCH User not sent on User Removal

I have setup a SCIM integration and provisioned one user. I removed the User from the SCIM application which does not result in a SCIM update telling my app that the user has been removed from SCIM assignment. How do I force an update on this? It looks like a bug to me.
The user was also assigned to a push group and I removed the user from the Group which resulted in a proper PATCH which removed the user from the Group. However, the user is no longer in the provisioned SCIM app and still no SCIM user update has been sent from Okta.

Do you have the “Deactivate Users” setting enabled?

Yes. All the relevant boxes are checked. Create, Update user attributes and Deactivate.

I tested by assigning a user to the Okta app and then unassigned them.

I see a request to PATCH /scim/v2/Users/<user_id>. I’m not sure if the issue is related to how the user was added to the group push though.