SCIM Group members

Hi team,

I am working on SCIM V2 API development for Demo SCIM app. Is there an endpoint for retrieving the members of a group in SCIM V2, similar to the one in SCIM V1: {{url}}/api/v1/groups/{{groupId}}/users?Also, is there any pagination for retrieving a large set of members?


Are you talking about implementing SCIM provisioning to “your” application? Because Okta does not have incoming SCIM, only uses it to send user info out to third parties.

It uses certain SCIM calls defined by SCIM 2.0. If it’s something you want to research I can direct you to SCIM 2.0 RFC, but from the top of my head it does not have something like you described. The replacement is just GET /Groups/{{id}} which should return back all group members for a given group id

Yes, I am talking about implementing SCIM provisioning to my applications. The endpoint I described, {{url}}/api/v1/groups/{{groupId}}/users, is one I took reference from Okta’s SCIM v1 Postman collection for groups. I have also researched that we can retrieve group members of a group using the GET /Groups/{{id}} endpoint. However, I want to know if Okta supports pagination for group members when the number of members is in the tens of thousands or more for SCIM v2

No Okta does not support pagination for getting group membership for a group with SCIM 2.0