Scim remove user from group

When i assign People to app i am getting post request to create user.
And then getting put:/group/:groupid with add operation to add the user to the group.(of course i pushed the group)
if then i am removing in okta the user from the group i am getting put:/group/:groupid with delete operation to remove the user from the group.
But when i am not assign People and i assign group then i am getting create user and then operation add user to group, but when i am removing the user from the group in okta i am not getting the delete operration in this case ,
only when i am assign the people and not the group.
can i get in this case also delete or only in assing pepole?

@dragos do you know?

Hello @asafga,

This is expected behavior, and it occurs because the same Group is used both for Group Push and Assignment, and the assignment takes precedence.
As a user is unassigned from the application, they are set to inactive in your application via the SCIM request and no subsequent calls are made for the user, as they are no longer a member, and will not be affected by any subsequent group operations.
As a best practice, or recommendation, try to separate Group Push and Assignment Groups, as much as possible to minimize if this is in any way impacting your application.

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