SCIM2 replace Patch operation is not compatible with attributes mutability

Hi Team,

Update of a specific group with Patch, passes ‘id’ in the request body(here).

PATCH /scim/v2/Groups/abf4dd94-a4c0-4f67-89c9-76b03340cb9b HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Okta SCIM Client 1.0.0
Authorization: <Authorization credentials>

    "schemas": ["urn:ietf:params:scim:api:messages:2.0:PatchOp"],
    "Operations": [{
        "op": "replace",
        "value": {
            "id": "abf4dd94-a4c0-4f67-89c9-76b03340cb9b",
            "displayName": "Test SCIMv2"

As specified in rfc7643, ‘id’ is a stable, non-reassignable identifier that does not change. And, by the definition of Patch replace op in rfc7644, ‘replace’ operation replaces the value at the target location.

So the above request body, doesn’t seems to be in accordance with RFC. By passing ‘id’ in request, we are trying to reassign the ‘id’ value. Does this not contradicting the RFC? Could you please clarify on this?