Scope based claims

Our Okta Adminstrator has set up claims based on scope. Meaning we have specific claims under a specific scope. This is done so our JWT Token doesn’t have to bring all claims at once as we want to keep the JWT token size less than 9 KB. When the user is in specific part of the application, we want to retrieve the claims specific for that scope. How do we get new sets of claims by switching scope?
Our application is written in React JS

Your application would need to do another /authorize call into Okta with the new set of scopes you want to retrieve claims for.

Thanks. Is there a specific function such as getIdToken under OktaAuth to invoke authorize again without having to enter user credentials again (username and password)? I would rather not make a fetch API call. Alternately code sample illustrating authorize call would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

As long as the user still has a session in the browser, a second /authorize request will succeed without prompting users to re-authenticate

This was my understanding. However I did not find an authorize method to invoke from react Js. The OktaAuth object doesn’t have an “authorize” method. Should I just make a fetch call to “/authorize”? Is so is there sample code?