SDK(v3.11.1) signout method fails when when app is inactive for 3 to 4 hours

OKTA sdk oktaoidc.signout method fails when app is inactive for sometime and user tries to logout by calling the signout method. Is this an issue with this sdk version. I am using SDK version 3.11.1.

Are you able to provide the GitHub link to the SDK you’re using? My guess is that the id_token has expired so the call to the /logout endpoint might be failing.

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This is the version in github i am using

Will the id token expire in short time, like i am getting this issue in a 3hr of app inactivity. When i try to logout the app get into the failure block of oktaoidc.signout method. Not sure what is happening on the okta side. Appreciate your help

@warren can you check if this version is still good to use. Appreciate your help

The id token has a default lifetime of 1 hour. Maybe you can try signOut with allOptions.

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@warren hope you are referring to this

var options: OktaSignOutOptions = .allOptions

@warren this is failing for me in the sdk code
// Access Token
if options.contains(.revokeAccessToken) {
authStateManager.revoke(authStateManager.accessToken) { (success, _) in
if !success {

            self.signOut(with: notFinishedOptions,
                         failedOptions: failedOptions,
                         progressHandler: progressHandler,
                         completionHandler: completionHandler)