Self-registration whitelist email domains

I am developing an application using Xamarin Forms and would like to limit the registration to email addresses that have a .edu domain. I have enabled Self-Service Registration and enabled the user to verify their address before activating. Is there a way to verify the user email domain on the Okta side, or can I not take advantage of the sign-in page provided by Okta and must develop my own?


Hi DJ,

I actually have a beta running right now that should allow you to do this called Registration Hooks. If you head over to our support site, you should be able to apply for the beta (you’ll need to be signed in there).

Thanks. I appreciate the response! I’ll check out the link you provided and look into Registration Hooks.

I’m also interested in this, but I see that the beta is closed for applications.

Any updates on that? When could we expect this to be available?


Hi @kirilyuro

This functionality is now part of our Self Service Registration feature and available in production! You can learn more here:

I don’t understand this feature and haven’t been able to find help in the docs. It appears that I can only enable self-registration for ALL users and therefore all applications. Some of my apps need to have pre-staged users while others require self registration. I don’t see the point of okta if I have to use the same approach for all apps.

Hey @Lars! You’re absolutely right. We built and designed the feature with very simple use-cases in mind. Specifically organizations with consistent registration requirements across their applications or organizations building only one application (potentially across many clients like iOS, Android, web, etc.).

We’ve heard loud and clear that this is insufficient for many organizations with more complex requirements. That’s one of the reasons why we’re investing in “per-app experiences” to be delivered with our Identity Engine platform that we announced last year at Oktane. We’re already working on the registration capability and are testing it out with a few customers now. Feel free to send me an email to connect for more information.