Session duration


We are having issues with session duration. but it seems that a session is ended a lot before our definition in Okta’s portal.

We have a 24 hours session duration definition. (attached below an image)

Our server side is built with web api- .net 4.7, (controllers are wrapped with [Authorize] attribute)
and the client side is built with react. we followed the dev guides for integration.

I tried to upgrade all libraries (react/ .net) to the latest version, and also played with the configuration in Okta’s portal, but nothing seems to work

( does OKTA have an official support ?)

Okta portal config:

Hi @Lior,

I think your session timeout occurs due to the access token expiration.
Can you try increasing the access token lifetime by navigating to API -> Authorization Servers -> Access Policies

Update the default policy (or create a new one) by updating the access token lifetime to 24 hours.

Let us know if this helps with your issue.

thanks so much i’ll try that.