Set custom user profile for JIT created users from External IDP

In Okta, I have an external IDP configured to allow JIT user creation, and I have a routing rule setup for these users based on their email domain. I see that a new user for this IDP gets the Okta User (default) user profile associated to them. I want to configure Okta so that new users from this IDP get JIT created with the new custom user profile I just created. Can someone please post some documentation or instructions on setting this configuration up?




Hey @esitzes, under Directory > Profile Editor are you creating a IDP App attribute to map to your Okta User Profile?

Hi yes I have already set that up. I see how I can map a field from an IDP profile to a specific user profile. However, since we have a lot of different customers with their own external IDPs and some of them have their own custom fields, I dont want to map them all to the default user profile like you are doing in your screenshot. I want to map them to a custom user profile (which I have already done), and then map that custom user profile to every user created for that IDP.

If I do this your way, every single user for every single IDP will have this custom field on their profile. I only want this for users from that specific IDP. I know when I create users manually I can select which user profile to use, but I dont see how I can set that up with JIT created users. Do you know if this is possible in Okta?