Sharing links to about integration of OKTA

Using this write up Build and Secure an API in Python with FastAPI | Okta Developer I’ve created an article on, which is currently unpublished, regarding how to secure a Litestar API.
I don’t want to get this wrong or talk out of turn.
Should I simply publish this or did you want to review it before it is published?

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Hey @peteletkemanrakuten!

Thanks for sharing that you’re writing a post about using Okta!

I’d love to work with you on this and see how we might help facilitate your post. Please email with the unpublished link to your post, and we can go from there.

Looking forward to it!

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@peteletkemanrakuten thank you for thinking of us! Your post looks good, go ahead and publish it. Thanks again for including your sources and integrating with Okta.

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Published and can be found here

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Great! Thanks again @peteletkemanrakuten.