Showing details of previous user ( Okta Dashboard sign out doesn’t remove application tokens )

Hello, Community

After I try to launch an app using the Okta dashboard, I have a problem; it displays old user information (perhaps because the local app token is unclear when we sign out of the Okta dashboard).


  1. Sign in with user A to the Okta dashboard.
  2. Use the Okta dashboard to launch my application
  3. Exit user A from the Okta dashboard.
  4. Sign in with user B to the Okta dashboard.
  5. Run my application through the Okta dashboard once more (here it shows me User-A details)

So, is there a way to deal with this circumstance?

What is expected to happen?

  • It should show me the User-B details on my App

SDK Versions

  • @okta/okta-auth-js: ^6.0.0
  • @okta/okta-react: ^6.4.3

Execution Environment

  • macOS, Google Chrome, React (typescript)

I use Okta Sign users into your SPA using the redirect model