Sign in widget, 500 error at /authorize when attempting to sign in with Google

when using the sign in widget, i set up google as an IDP, i click the “sign in with google” button then i get an error 500 at the okta authorize api endpoint.

i found that the URL that hits /authorize is missing the idp=XXX variable, if i add it in manually then I get redirected to the google sign in page and sent back. but i can not see where else it needs to be added in order to get inserted into the get string of that request because it is all controlled by the sign in widget.

question, what are all of the required settings needed in the widget config so a google sign in will redirect correctly?

Hi Arlen!

Is the 500 on /authorize or /authorize/callback. Can you share your widget config? Is system log giving any more info?

We usually see 400 if there is a configuration issue, unsure what could cause a 500.


if i click on the “sign into google button” i get a 500 error at{clientID}&redirect_uri={callbackURL}&response_type=code&response_mode=query&state=applicationState&nonce={nonce}&display=page&idp={clientID}&scope=openid%20email

i noticed that the idp variable is actually in that get string, but this is strange
if i add that variable at the front of the get string i get redirected to google and can sign in{clientID}&client_id={clientID}&redirect_uri={callbackURL}&response_type=code&response_mode=query&state=applicationState&nonce={nonce}&display=page&idp={clientID}&scope=openid%20email

i found my confusion, the client id and the IDP ID were very similar but different and one was being substituted for the other. i straightened it out and now it works. thanks for the quick reply!

Awesome! glad you got set up!