Sign in with a console application

I’m currently working on a c# console application that will be used to authenticate a user.

This application will be triggered by the command line and I would like the Okta page to sign in to appear.

How would I go about making this possible?

With Microsoft, you can call a method called like " AcquireTokenInteractive" and then a webpage dialog would appear and user can sign in. Is there something similar to that in Okta?

We don’t have an example for C# but there is a blog post for Node.js that does something similar.

Is there any C# okta sdk that can spawn a browser with the login for native applications? Similar to what is done above?

Would the Xamarin SDK work?

Sorry I miswrote in my previous reply. I meant a C# okta sdk that can spawn a browser for a console application. This application would be called by another program to just deal with signing in through Okta.

Oh, then unfortunately no. I’m not aware of any C# Okta SDK that will support this.