Sign in with Okta

We have a SAAS application, and one of our customers are using Okta in their organization. We want to integrate Okta SSO so that they can use the same to login. The flow we want is, to have a button “Sign in with Okta” on our SAAS application, which redirects the user to the Okta login page, where the user should be able to authenticate with the credentials of the org the user belongs to and we should receive a token, to further verify the user email. How do we go about this?

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You would probably need to implement SAML SP role in your SaaS application (if you are the vendor of the application). If you are just a “user” of a SaaS app, then check vendor’s documentation for SSO mechanisms supported by the app. OIDC/SAML are the norm these days, so chances are that it’s implemented. Then you only need to configure Okta and your app to work together according to SAML/OIDC protocol