signInWithBrowser() not opening browser in mobile app

I created new application on OKTA developer account with option OIDC method. downloaded sample app and I’m trying to use “OKTA signing with browser” in react native mobile app but I found that, “signInWithBrowser()” method not able to open Brower in mobile app?
I tried with my real device and android emulators but its not opening browser for sing-in

There are many issues that could be going on, but can you confirm that you have a CCT(chrome custom tabs) enabled browser installed?

added implementation ‘’ dependency in android-> app → build.gradle file but still not working

Hi, any update on this bug?

I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my end… Are there any specific errors you can point out? If you are seeing anything related to an incompatible browser it might be worth taking a look at this GH issue


So it’s working fine on iOS, but on Android there is this error:
SyncWebAuthClientImpl: No uri registered to handle redirect or multiple applications registered

If I run
adb shell pm query-activities -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d "{redirect}://callback"

I can see there’s two activities:

  1. name=com.okta.oidc.OktaRedirectActivity
  2. name=net.openid.appauth.RedirectUriReceiverActivity

Both from within my RN application.

Thanks for the details - I have seen this come up when there is another Okta app (typically a sample app or the like) installed on the device. If you uninstall the other app it should resolve it. See:

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