signInWithRedirect with idp give token and acces id but no sid in cookies

i try to login using signInWithRedirect with idp (linkedin) and after sucess i get only accessId and tokenId but not sid(for session) below is the config

config = {
issuer:issuer url,
  clientId: clientid,
  redirectUri: window.location.origin + "/login/callback",
  scopes: ["openid", "profile", "email"],
  pkce: true,
  postLogoutRedirectUri: window.location.origin + "/",
  tokenManager: {
    storage: "sessionStorage",
    autoRenew: true,
    expireEarlySeconds: 30,
      idp: idp,
      scopes: ["openid", "email"],

why is the reason that i am not able to get sid or is there a way to renew the expired access token
any inputs are much appreciated

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@karmjeet19! For automatic refresh tokens you need the following:

1. autoRenew: true - @okta/okta-auth-js - npm
2. You’ll need to enable refresh token rotation for your app on your Okta dashboard as noted here - Refresh access tokens | Okta Developer > Enable refresh token rotation.
3. Lastly, I see you have PKCE enabled so you’ll also need to list offline_access scope as well see - Refresh access tokens | Okta Developer > Example request for an authorization code and refresh token

As far as I understand, refresh token is not required when you are creating cookie with long lifetime right ? It will just reauthrnticate automatically

Hi @Lonli-Lokli! Yes, a refresh token is not required when creating a cookie as they are independent of each other - see similar discussions here - How will session expire time and refresh token lifetime work together? - #2 by andrea. Specifically, if a user’s session expires they will still have access to the application with the refresh token option enabled, so be sure to revoke the user’s tokens on logout.

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thanks @sigama its working now
yes @Lonli-Lokli in case of cookies no need for refresh token

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