SMAL2.0 iOS native app PKCE approach

I am implementing an native application using PKCE approach. Direct login is working fine. But when I am using SMAL2.0 approach, After successful login, web window is not dismissed automatically. I need to press ‘Cancel’ button. If I try to login again Then web windows opens and closed automatically and I am able to receive token.

Can you tell what is reason for not dismissing login window automatically.

I found a link on dev forum:

‘The iOS wrapper library handles the redirect between the browser and native application. It cannot determine which third-party application is required to complete the authorization flow. It should be the responsibility of the third-party app to navigate back to the application that initiated it (if needed).’

We are using following approach:

My setting is:
Redirected URI: com.oktapreview.cargillcustomer-qa:/callback