SP initiated using okta

I am new for SSO and working on setup okta sso with SP-initiated.

but i am facing trouble to setup it. document is so difficult for PHP version.

for now i have setup simplesamlphp on my local server.

but i need to require further steps to move ahead.

Nirmal Sharma

Could you expand on what the issue you may be having is? I would need to know what you are trying to accomplish at the end of the day with your setup. What version of PHP are you using and what guide have you been following?


My PHP version is 5.6 and OS is windows 7.

I have setup simplesamlphp on my local windows machine and code is run.
We would like to use SP initiated flow to connect with social site.
now i want to know how to connect Facebook using simplesamlphp with okta.

  1. How to configure saml enable account
  2. is there we need to add some configuration on Facebook if i want to Facebook login using saml?
  3. Can you give me a working php code as sample so i can configure my code?
  4. “kipldeveloper57” this is my skype ID. Can we discuss on it so i can share my trouble here? Or we can use your convenient way for discuss. Email communication is very slow process.

Nirmal Sharma