SSO for Portal Application - OIDC app SSO using custom login and dashboard pages

I am trying to POC using Okta for Authentication and SSO for our portal applications.

We have a Java based Portal application, integrated with Okta as an OIDC application

  • configured as web application using Authorization code flow
  • custom login page using Okta widget hosted in our portal application for signin
  • multiple OIDC applications hosted in our internal network with self hosted login pages.

Question: From the dashboard page of our portal, I want to SSO to other OIDC applications registered with same Okta account. What is the best way to implement this using Okta?

If your application are integrated with Okta, then what’s the problem to redirect a user to those apps from your portal? Assuming you have an established session with Okta, it should be sufficient for your users to be signed on w/o re-authentication. But it all depends on an app implementation of course.

So better to try and figure if there is any issue with each app

Once the user’s session is created in the browser (warning, this relies on 3rd party cookies typically), they can SSO into any application they are assigned.

In your use case @rnethi, after the user logs into your portal application (where they are prompted to authenticate with Okta), an Okta session cookie is set in the browser and any future authorize calls made to the same Okta tenant from that same browser will not prompt the user to re-authenticate (unless prompt=login is passed in the authorize request). Like @phi1ipp said, if you do run into an issue, it is likely app specific or potentially browser specific, due to the reliance on third party cookies for SSO.

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