SSO OIDC - hold OKTA token angular app

I try to implement SSO with OKTA - open ID connect (OIDC) in my app: front side - angular, back side - java.
In my scenario, the user can click on the “login with the okta” button, and my front app will send him to okta website for authentication (username & password).
After that, okta should send my front app a token that I will send to my backend app to continue user authentication.
I have a problem - I am unable to receive the token for my frontend application after the user successfully connects to the Okta website. (I got it at the URL but can’t catch it in my front app)
I have read all your guides on your website on the subject and have not found a solution.
I would be very happy for your help.

thanks in advance, Avital

Are you using our Angular SDK to help you complete the OIDC flow?

How are you redirecting to Okta to login? Are you redirecting to the /authorize endpoint? If so, what OIDC flow are you using to request tokens and where do you see Okta redirecting back to after the user logs into Okta?