Stuck in infinite loop during login

Hi All,

Very new to Okta SAML configuration.

Trying to configure Liferay DXP as a SP and use Okta as an Idp. Using the steps here. Anytime I try to login to Liferay server, I am re-directed to okta but it continues to go back and forth in an infinite loop between the SSO URL http://localhost:6200/c/portal/login and the Request URL.

I am not even sure where to start debugging this. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I am able to see the meta data at http://localhost:6200/c/portal/saml/metadata

I think your ACS URL on SP side is configured wrong (it has to be a URL which accepts SAML assertion). The guide you indicated in your question doesn’t say anything about this URL, so how did you figure it? :slight_smile:

This is an excellent question!!!

I need to let Liferay know that this is a critical piece of info left out.

I was following a blog written from a previous release.

I did change it to the correct one and it works.

Thank you!

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